Epic SoCal Mountains, Astounding Ocean Views, and Beautiful Wildlife

All Tough Topanga events take place at Trippet Ranch, in Topanga State Park.


Tough Topanga 10k & Hiker's Delight

The Tough Topanga 10K course is rugged, steep, and breath-takingly beautiful. Winding up out of Trippett Ranch through meadows of wild flowers, runners leave the shade of the Coastal Live Oaks, fuel up at an aid station, and head for the pitted face of Eagle Rock. This might seem like the highest part of the course, but it's not. Just past the 2nd aid station at Hub Junction and the Turnaround, the course plunges downhill through Eagle Springs with an occasional climb to mix it up. The trail finally drops down for the last mile to Trippett Ranch and the Finish Line, determining who the true Speed Demons are.


Junior Tough Topanga 1-kilometer

The Junior Tough Topanga 1-kilometer race has elements of the Tough Topanga 10k, but after a short climb on the fire road, runners duck out and rip down a winding single-track under the cover of trees. The final surge past the Visitor's Center to the finish line is lined with cheering spectators.


Course Hightlights and Runner's Description


The Start @ Trippet Ranch

Get your climbing legs ready!  It's steep right from the start.  It's all smooth fire road, and a half mile up you'll pass by picturesque Santa Ynez Canyon with a few flat sections to Eagle Junction.  Look down to the start and appreciate the leg-burning you just accomplished and enjoy the quarter-mile, easy descent to the first aid station. 


Aid Station @ Eagle Junction

Grab some motivation and hydration as you prepare for the next climb section past Eagle Rock. Friendly volunteers are ready for you, fully stocked with electrolytes, water, gels, bars, and other tasty treats needed to replenish and keep you going and happy.  You'll visit this aid station a second time, blasting your way to the finish.    


The View from Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock provides a well-earned vista at almost the 2-mile mark with around 1,000 ft of vertical from the start.  It's one of the many boulder outcroppings that loom over the terrain with panoramic views of Topanga State Park, the Tough Topanga 10k course, and the Pacific Ocean.  It's a must-stop destination for the Hiker's Delight and those that want a break already.  

Aid Station @ Hub Junction

A half-mile cruise after the final ascent to Eagle Rock, you'll run the soft, red earth Mesa to the second aid station at this famous trail meet-up spot for mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners.  At around mile three, let expert volunteers treat you to everything you want and prepare you for the turn-around and downhill sections of the race.


The 10k Turn-around

Your legs will thank this flat part of the race as you turn up the pace on this half-mile-plus out-and-back.  Catch views of the Pacific Ocean, Temescal Rock, and your fellow runners on their way back to Hub Junction.  Take in the cheers from the energized volunteers as they hand out free high-fives at the turn-around.  


The Final Downhill Mile

You'll know you're on the home stretch when you pass the 5-mile marker.  With no uphills left in the game, turn on the burners and let loose on the final mile of the race.  It should look familiar as you can see Trippet Ranch and the festival area waiting for you on your way down.  This is the start of the "Downhill Flyer" time bonus for the fastest downhillers.


Tough Topanga 10k Course Map

Tough Topanga 10k Trail Run Course Map

Junior Tough Topanga 1-kilometer Course Map

Junior Tough Topanga 1-kilometer Course Map